About induIT

InduIT was founded in 2013 and its head office is based in Bangkok. InduIT has provided a first class one stop shop IT service to all of our customers and maintains a very high standard of service with extensive experience of over 60 years of staff expertise in the industry.

We are one of the leading companies in Bangkok that service the gem and jewelry industry as well as many other types of industrial and commercial based operations and we are committed to the growth and prosperity of all our clients.

Some of the companies supported under our portfolio are:

  • www.malca-amit.com
  • www.taboola.com
  • Felicia (Thailand) Ltd.
  • C.S.T. Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

induIT has a vision to establish its presence in every corner of Thailand, Asia and globally in the future, since the founder’s inception of his Consulting business and an in-depth knowledge of the pros and cons within the service industry, induIT only mission is to provide a world class and unbeatable service to every client. induIT work ethics have always contributed towards imparting one to one integration, support and installation of the services to every business and tries to instill a family atmosphere within his workforce.