Every customer today wants to be on the cutting edge with regards to the latest security and technology, vul- nerabilities and system support, this is where InduIT comes into action thereby providing tailor made it solutions for all its clients.

We provide a one stop solution for all of our customers IT and technological needs by implementing a high standard of support and taking the worry out of IT. This is the reason why induIT has been considered the first point of contact for multifaceted IT support for all of our existing clients and also building a substantial client base by giving them 24/7/365 support on a constant basis according to their SLA

with highly experienced and motivated staff.
With the ever changing and growing pace in the IT sector, induIT has expanded its base from Business Consulting to a fully-fledged IT consulting business primarily focusing on IT support and the related IT services like, ERP Systems, End User Support, Computer Network Services, Tele-communications, Computer Network Setup and Integration, Network Configuration Management, etc. It’s a One Stop Shop for all the corporate network and support solutions that all the companies require from a service provider.

Companies of all sizes are switching more and more to outsourced IT services due T

to the cost of maintaining their own IT department and induIT is dedicated to delivering these services to companies within Thailand. We are here to help you at every stage and to provide a smooth transition from a traditional IT support service to an outsourced solution.

We focus on:

  • Installation and configuration of end to end network infrastructures.
  • Administration and implementation of all major network upgrades.
  • Administration and support of all network functions and security.
  • Supplying you with the latest technology and dedicated staff to support it 24/7.
  • Saving your business time and money on hardware, maintenance, and monthly services.
  • Sourcing problem areas within your business and the very best solutions to the problems you face.
  • Improving and implementing cost saving services and support infrastructures.

The benefits:

  • Generating reports to outline what has been achieved and full system analysis.
  • Saving time and money with an outsourced IT support solution.
  • Peace of mind knowing that a professional service is at hand 24/7/365
  • Quality suppliers and supplies always on hand from induIT.

Is Outsourcing Right For You ?


If you’re already outsourcing – or strongly considering it allow us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you.

contact induIT today, and we’ll be happy to give you a FREE consultation
and answer all your questions about our services.

The future of IT is outsourcing. There’s simply no way around it.