In today’s world the growing need for CCTV systems and here at induIT we like to think that we are at the forefront of this market and we supply our customers with tailor made solutions to their needs regarding this technology.

We have supplied most of our customers with CCTV systems both analogue and digital because we understand that security is vital to our customers business and we pride ourselves in knowing we can give the best service to suit their needs.

Our trained engineers can suggest and supply any size system that you require and have a dedicated team to maintain and support all aspects of the projects from start to finish as well as giving continual support 24/7 backup should any problems occur according to their SLA.

We have a vast network of suppliers that can cover every aspect of the security systems from DVR’s, NV-R’s, cabling, Monitors and TV’s, Software and a wide range of options on camera equipment.

Actions which an employer may wish to monitor could include some of the following:

  • Scanning of goods, selection of goods, introduction of price and quantity;
  • Input and output of operators in the system when entering passwords;
  • Monitoring valuable items such jewelry and precious objects;
  • Deleting operations and modifying existing documents;
  • Implementation of certain operations, such as financial statements or operations with cash;
  • Moving goods, revaluation scrapping and counting;
  • Control in the kitchen of fast food restaurants;
  • Change of settings, reports and other official functions.